Meet Me

Hello, I am Andee Felker. I have been in the software engineering area for several years working for a large aerospace company. In this job, I traveled the world to Japan, Korea, Germany, South America, and several of our own States – even doing some work in the Azores. As a program manager, I have knowledge in all areas of the software lifecycle but my passion is requirements analysis and design phase. I am published with the Air, Waste & Management Association and have presented on several occasions. Now, my publication is only two paragraphs focused on the use of the software system within the air quality environmental arena, but it is published in print and in a book.

I currently work with several clients providing database and website support, substitute teach, and volunteer at my children's school.

I served in the United States Navy Reserves as an Intelligence Officer working in counter-drug and merchant shipping. During my early college years, I worked as an emergency medical technician.

I am the mother of two beautiful children ages 10 and 8 and the step-monster of two older children ages 38 and 33, which also makes me a grandmother of three (okay step-grandma) wonderful kids.

I am a competetive racquetball and hockey player. I am a model railroader and one day my trains will actually run on more than one lane of track in my basement. It was a most happy day when I was able to purchase the n-scale of the Big Boy and Challenger engines.

Fun Things We Do!

Journey Across America

Space Camp

Learning to fly an airplane

Lego Land

Family Visits in Louisiana